Press Pause Radio presents The Golden Zonkey Awards of 2012
Saturday, December 29, 2012
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e are nearing the end of 2012, and with the end of this giant year for video gaming, we here at Press Pause Radio have decided to shake things up a bit. In the past, we normally just choose a personal Top 10 list for the games released within the year in which we talk to a certain degree as to why they made our list; we figured that this wasn’t going to work for us this time around. Therefore, this year, we’re going all out with our own game of the year award show that we’ll be recording instead; aptly titled, The Golden Zonkies!

Below is a list of the eligible titles that we have all nominated to win the particular Golden Zonkey awarded for the category displayed. We’ll be recording this weekend and updating this post with winners for the appropriate categories as we publish the podcast. Until that happens, be sure to check out what’s been nominated for the official 2012 Golden Zonkey Awards!

The Golden Zonkies of 2012 have finally arrived and in this latest episode of Press Pause Radio, we award the best games of 2012 that have graced our controller and keyboards and some may have even touched our lives. Join in this latest episode as we hand out these honors, and be sure to throw in your two cents in the comment section below, our forums, or the usual forms of contact through our social networks and mailbag and what have you. Have a Happy New Year from Press Pause Radio and stay tuned for more episodes and content when we see y’all in 2013!



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