The 2012 Annual Podcast Awards

The annual Podcast Awards are coming up with nominations being posted left and right and we need your help! You can go to right now and nominate us under the “Gaming” category. Every nomination counts and it’s as easy as putting your name and email. Please do not cross nominate us though, we can only be nominated for one category and we’d like that to be the “Gaming” category being as…well you know, we’re a video game podcast. Thank you again and another thank you to everyone who has recently reviewed us on iTunes or Zune, fanned us on Facebook, or followed us on Twitter. You guys make this gig get sweeter and sweeter and for that we are eternally grateful.

Simply enter our name and then our URL, (that being then enter you name and email at the bottom of the form and you're golden! Thanks again and we hope you nominate us!

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