PPR 46

Press Pause Radio does not condone or recommend that any of our listeners let a PPR cast member babysit your kids. Episode 46 not only proves this, but also alienates fans of any age. This week will will touch on recent news from Gamescom as well as welcome a few friends to the show. We welcome the former host of Pixel Dreams Drew to the show, a long time friend and supporter of the show. Another great supporter of the show, Dan also joins us and brings some sanity to the recording.

The topic this week is about death in video games. Whether it is an element of the story or a game mechanic, we will discuss it all in this episode. We also will spoil a few games here and there, as well as get a little fired up. Drinking and podcasting do not mix. Enjoy the show, and please make sure to rate and review us on iTunes and Zune. Yes, we do have listeners on Zune. Two of them.

Show Notes:

Enslaved Spoiler


ME2 spoiler




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Owlboy trailer




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PPR Episode 46

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