PPR 44

 From the ashes of boxes, moving vans and heavy appliances rises the newest episode of Press Pause Radio. It is also the first show back from our vacation, and it certainly does feel good to be back. On this week's episode we will be discussing the twentieth anniversary of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and all the fond memories that surround the gray and purple wonder. GeorgieboysAXE and Toast welcome our special guest Lacey Gilleran, host of The Quickie which is an excellent program you all should be watching on Youtube or at The Gamer's Thumb. We will discuss the history of the SNES along with recent news from San Diego Comic-Con and Capcom pissing everyone off. Please make sure to rate and review us on iTunes and Zune, along with hanging out with our great community in our forums. Happy Birthday Super Nintendo!

PPR Episode 44

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