PPR 43

Welcome one and all to our Indie extravaganza! On this episode of Press Pause Radio we are taking a special look at the some of the best indie developers in the game industry, as well as the people that support the independent community. Our episode begins with some catch up from the crew as well as Select Feedback from our loyal listeners. Then we dive head first into a fantastic line up of interviews with great companies such as Retro Affect, Super Fighter Team and Mommy's Best Games. Our co-host GeorgieBoysAXE also had the pleasure to attend an art show focused around video games and the culture that it has inspired. George will speak with the curators of Gold Cartridge and find out their influeneces and the inspiration for the exhibit. Hope you enjoy the show and make sure you check out the developers we had the pleasure to speak with on this week's show.

Show Notes:

Retro Affect 1:20:28

Super Fighter Team 1:39:53

Mommy's Best Games 2:08:08

Gold Cartridge 2:32:46

PPR Episode 43

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