PPR Two Year Anniversary Special

This is the moment you've all been waiting for; The Press Pause Radio Two Year Anniversary Extrazaganza™! (Not really trademarked, sorry).  For this episode, we pull out all the stops for you, our faithful listeners. We have a full room of PPR contributors along with Ignition Entertainment's Shane Bettenhausen to discuss the importance and evolution of video game podcasts. Having Shane on the show was a great experience for all of us, since he pioneered the  video game podcast during his time with 1up and we greatly appreciate him taking time out of his busy El Shaddai schedule to be on the show. 

Stay tuned after our normal show for a retrospective on all of our best moments during our two years in existence. Listeners past and present will really enjoy this trip down memory lane full of singing, cursing and Hadoukens! Thanks for two great years and we hope for many more in the future. The amazing artwork for this episode is courtesy of Wil Brendel, who is an amazing artist you should be checking out. Enjoy!

PPR 2 Year Anniversary

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