PPR 38

 Listen and rejoice music aficionados, this episode of Press Pause Radio is all about music in video games.  Join us and experience the greatness as our host Ser takes us on a magical journey of video game beats past and present. We will also go off of the rails (often) as we discuss Power Rangers, news from the Game Developers Conference 2011 as well as more information concerning the Nintendo 3DS.

This will be the last normal show before we head to Boston for PAX East March 11-13, where we will have coverage and impressions from the show. Follow us on Twitter or on Facebook so you do not miss a minute of the first looks and previews from the show. Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes and Zune so we can reach more listeners, and go to more events! So put on your favorite pair of headphones and enjoy the show!

PPR Episode 38

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