Press Pause Radio at PAX East: Night One

We have survived the first day of PAX East 2011. Well, most of us at least. Half of the crew stay up late to discuss the day's events as well as the massive list of games playable on the show floor.  We also weigh the pros and cons of the Nintendo 3DS and squeal like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert over our love for Tim Schafer. Be sure to keep your eyes locked on this site as well as our Twitter pages for the latest previews and impressions from the show floor and beyond! Music for our episode was provided by Wil Whitlark, the composer of Snapshot. Snapshot is an amazing game from Retro Affect Games. Thank you very much Will! Now if you will excuse us, it looks like Toast just passed out in a closet. Someone should help him.

PPR PAX Night One

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