Games Club: Limbo

Today's podcast is quite different from our previous episodes. On this inaugural episode of the Press Pause Radio Games Club, we are discussing the Xbox Live Arcade title Limbo. This dark and moody puzzle/platformer has received rave reviews, and was featured in Xbox's annual Summer of Arcade promotion. The crew will discuss the entire game, so please be aware of this if you have not played or beaten the game. We are hoping that Game Club will be a regular feature and podcast on the show, feel free to voice your opinions and comments on this and future Games Club titles on our forums or through our twitter feed. 


PPR Games Club: Limbo

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Reader Comments (2)

You guys are hilarious! I'm writing this as I listen to the show so this might get long- lol!

(I didn't see a thread on the forum of this so I'm going to post it here...) Some beers that I like:

Lagers/Pilsner- Pacifico, Carona, Dos Equis (Dos XX)
Pale Ales- Sierra Nevada PA, Full Sail PA, Stone PA, Alaskan PA
IPA- Full Sail, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Alaskan IPA, Stone Ruination IPA
Amber- Fat Tire, Drop Top, Alaskan

(Not sure which ones you can get in Canada, but maybe one of them is available there)

Oh yeah! Arrogant Bastard is really good as well! Good call!

As far as an idea for another Games Club game, I was thinking Catan (XBLA) tournament! Crazy, I know, but it *could* be fun! d(*^_^*)b

Dang it! Why didn't I think to call you guys from PAX?! We were with Rob (ShadowPraxis) all weekend and you guys were definitely missed!

As far as PSP's go, I can understand the arguments against it, but I LOVE my PSP. I absolutely adore my PSP. While there isn't *billions* of great games for it or even an *excellent* library of games for it, there are still LOTS of games that I enjoy/love for it. I really appreciate all the games available for download on PSN including PS1 games as well. We just bought two copies of Valkyria Chronicles 2 for it.

Hahaha, as far as "F*cking Treasures" goes... we'll do our best to make sure your guys' needs are met for the banners (^_-)b

I watched Limbo being played and I thought it was neat. I didn't read anything about Limbo (like the game description) before hand and I think that if I had, I might have liked the game slightly better. That's not to say that I *didn't* like it, I did, but I just didn't click with it as much as lots of other people did. The idea of a brother trying to find his sister was really sweet though. Personally, I don't think it was really worth the price tag, but I am happy we bought it and played it.

"Gravity *is* physics!" Hahaha! I am very happy there was some science geekery there. It made me very happy. (I recently bought a book called "Why Physics Matters" and I can't wait to read it.... I'm such a geek!! xD)

Great work on the first Games Club! I look forward to more! d(^_^)b

OOOOOOOOOOOH! Shenmue is sooo good! That's a great choice... hmmmmmm..... I was thinking Catan Tournament lol!

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKnittedFox

Thanks Sara, I just finished adding a Thread & you know what, I fucking love Fat Tire, that's going in the running for sure, we appreciate the selection you gave us & feel free to leave us voicemail anytime yo! we'll always be happy to play it, thanks again Sara!

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgieBoysAXE

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