PPR 26

Canned Bread? Press Pause Radio surprises everyone and releases episode 26 of the podcast on time! Everyone rejoice! On the show this week we will discuss more Kinect rumors, Zelda marathons and views on California politics. We welcome Rob Thomas back onto our show as our special guest, the overlord and editor-in-chief at Toast reviews Starcraft 2 for the PC, and then runs away in fear as our hosts verbally tear 3-D gaming a new one. May the bashing begin!

PPR Episode 26

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So I totally wrote a comment last week and guess I never actually pressed "post"... *>.<* Oops sorry!

I laughed so hard when I heard my voicemail! I did kinda sound like a pixie! xD At least I didn't sound like a little kid lol! Thanks again for the pimpage. It is really great to make new friends online who share our passion for games! *waves*

August 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKnittedFox

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