PPR 22: One Year Anniversary Part One


It's our one year anniversary, and we here at Press Pause Radio are celebrating! It has truly been an honor to speak to you all this year so far, and we hope that you will allow us to continue for the year to come. To commemorate the grand occasion, we have recorded a two part epic anniversary show complete with music, memories and very special guests. On part one of our anniversary episode, we reminisce on some of our favorite memories and the uphill climb that has taken place in creating the podcast and website. 

Our special guests for the first part of the anniversary episode are the hosts of a fine podcast that everyone here should be subscribing to right this minute, Pixel Dreams. Drew and Eric were able to spend some time with Paco and George, and discuss all aspects of retro gaming. The results are truly amusing, and sometimes vulgar. What else do you expect from Press Pause Radio? Stay tuned for the second half of our anniversary episode, coming soon!

PPR Episode 22

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