PPR 23: One Year Anniversary Part Two

We continue our celebration of surviving one year on the internet with part two of our anniversary episode. The Press Pause Radio crew are still enjoying their mini vacation, but will return to the digital airwaves very soon with an all new episode. Until then, sit back and listen as Georgieboy, Paco and Toast walk down memory lane, and discuss the beginnings of the podcast.

Part two also includes a very special chat with Mr. Rob Thomas, Executive Editor and Owner of, a fantastic video game news website that is rapidly becoming one of the most well known sites on the internet. Georgie and Toast speak with our special guest on a wide variety of topics, and find out more about creating a gaming website from the ground up. We hope you enjoy this anniversary episode, and check back soon for all new episodes of Press Pause Radio!


PPR Episode 23

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Reader Comments (1)

Hey guys! I'm a first time listener (I'm actually listening to it as I'm writing this) and it's been a great show so far.

Earlier in the podcast, someone mentioned letting the different Prince of Persia games coexist, and I totally agree with that. It would have been nice if they didn't try to cashing on the movie (in regards to the new PoP game), but whatever. Let them make money and let the different franchises do their own thing. There are different types and ages of gamers that can get a lot out of the different PoP games, which is great. Sometimes I want a game I can get REALLY into, and other times I wouldn't mind going through something more mindless and fun. Variety is one of the best things about games, so I think it is ok for franchises to reach out to a different audiences when releasing new games.

July 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKnittedFox

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