PPR 15

We are continuing to filter through the past few week's worth of podcasts and updates, as we try to bring everything up to date. We recorded this episode at the beginning of February, and are now able to finally upload it and share it with all of you. Sorry once again for the delay, but rest assured that we will be current with the show and updates from this point on. Thanks again everyone!

Strap on your Wiimotes and check on your HDTV insurance policy, because Press Pause Radio returns with episode fifteen! This episode we will discuss motion-control, and the success of the Nintendo Wii. All three of the major console makers are now releasing motion-control games and peripherals. Is this a trend that will only continue to grow, or simply a fad that will eventually fade away completely? Georgieboy will share his top five bands influenced by video games, as well as review a Sega Saturn classic: Panzer Dragoon.

Please download the show and if you are subscribing to us via iTunes, please rate or review the show and tell us what you think. We are also always interested in your comments on either the blog post or in the forums. Let your voice be heard!


PPR Episode 15

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