PPR 14

Hello everyone, I know you are probably wondering why there have been a lack of updates on the website. We here at Press Pause Radio have been taking time to find alternatives for podcast hosting as well as creating a dependable feed for our episodes here on the website. I am happy to report that the episodes now will be posted on the website as soon as they are edited, and also available on our iTunes page. We do apologize for the delay, and appreciate the patience of you, our Press Pause Radio faithful.

So to play catch up with the podcast episodes, I give you episode fourteen of Press Pause Radio. On this episode, the podcast becomes a four man team with the introduction of Serraxor. This gentleman is a excellent addition to the Press Pause Radio crew, and you can find out more about him at his 1up page. It's the first episode of the new year, and we discuss the difficulty in video games. With games such as Mega Man 10 and other retro-revivals on the horizons, we reflect on the good old days of video games. Were the games just that hard when we were kids? Or are we in an age where games are made to be more accessible and less challenging? Toast discusses his Top Five games to play with the ladies, as well as reviewing Bayonetta for the Xbox 360.

As always, you can rate and review our podcast on iTunes, and discuss this episode and more in the forums. Thank you once again for your patience as we continue to improve the podcast and the website. 

PPR Episode 14

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