PPR 31
Thursday, November 4, 2010
Press Pause Radio in Podcast

On Halloween Day, we at Press Pause Radio recorded a massive Zombiecast which is now available for all to hear. The normal cast welcomes special guest Daeruna to discuss current events in the gaming industry as well as some twitter fighting and resignations.  Toast harnesses the energy of Ryu before reviewing the recent Left 4 Dead 2 DLC,  "The Sacrifice".

Toast then is attacked by an incoming zombie hoard, while the remaining cast runs for safety. From there they explain the history of zombies not only in video games but in writing and cinema as well. It seem like everything nowadays has zombies, and Press Pause Radio is no different. Go to the forums or respond on the Facebook, Destructoid and Twitter pages about this week's episode. Also please remember to rate and review us on iTunes and Zune for your chance to win fifteen amazing games and more

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