PPR 13

Greetings everyone, welcome to a new year and a new Press Pause Radio! We have many great things lined up to start this year off right including our end of the year podcast, episode thirteen. We at Press Pause Radio got together right before the curtain closed on 2009 to discuss our individual top ten games of the year, as well as what we were looking forward to in the next year.

However releasing this episode was temporarily delayed due to issues with audio compression. The issue of course being that I'm an idiot and do not understand audio compression (this is Toast, by the way just so we all know who to blame). The episode is our longest yet, clocking in at almost three hours of remembrance and reflection on the year that was 2009. Due to the large size of the file, we were unable to release the episode via iTunes.

Therefore we are releasing it exclusively on the website! (hopefully on iTunes eventually, whenever I can learn how to use a computer) Enjoy the episode, and look forward to episode fourteen, where we will introduce the fourth chair of the podcast and discuss the difficulty in video games.

PPR Episode 13

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