We took this opportunity going over a big aspect of of the video game lifestyle, which is collecting games. We take a look at just why exactly gamers who collect, take the concept of collecting to a whole other level no pun intended at all. We discuss personal memories & thoughts on what exactlty posseses individuals to hold on games in numerous number, or search out niche games or platforms. Also being side tracked  with the release of  Guitar Hero 5, & how Voice out opinions to boycott it. Video game collectors hold themselves in a very strong community where they work out to support each other & their hobbies as well while diving into temptations of spending that extra buck to obtain the game within your grasp or even considering of trading in your games for credit to obtain that game you've been looking forward to, as you grow to regret it later.

So please tune in to the episode & while your at it, as we have yet to finish building the website were Press Pause Radio will develop it's own Forum for the gaming community, we want you guys to send us picture of your collection! photos or even to stories that we can share on the next episode, also I figured we threw in a name drop on the hilarious homebrew show sseries known as "Chuck Norris in Oblivion" I went ahead & threw in the link here for everyone to check out or just search it on Youtube, until then again, we'll be comparing collector's editions to first limited prints. Also something I wanted to point out that I didnt have a chance to go over in the episode. As Toast mentioned, he's been catching up collecting retro classics & as we continue to move on in the current generation where there's heavy digital distabution abound with PSN games, XBLA games, & WiiWare/Virtual Console games, with the games constantly availble & in way infinitley there whenever consumers wish to purchase them, when we do & if we do as this in another argument itself of the argument of investing into digital released games if the likelyhood of them carried over to the next generation succeding consoles being slim to none, & also assuming that those games won't be available on the presumed next generational succeding consoles, the games that we have aavilable now through PSN, XBLA, & WiiWare/Virtual Console. Will it in fact make those downloaded title extremley rare? I mean the only way you would be able to obtain any of the games would be if one were to sell off the Hard Drive or SD memory card that they could be contained on,  so I'll leave that for you to ponder, until then here is the newest episode, enjoy & send us your feedback & as reminder...well some be kind enough to send Paco a Xbox 360? hahaha much peace to you guys, & thanks for listening.


Chuck Norris in Oblivion-

PPR Episode 7

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