So I will definitely agree that this blog was definitley belated & should have been written some time back, I appoligize if it seems like we haven't gotten our shit together as of recent but we here at Press Pause Radio have been working to improve the entire setup & scope of everything so far from all of the feedback we've gotten in regards to the show & the suggestions that are listeners have given us which we are very grateful to hear by the way! thanks again for everyone who put in their two cents, it really helps us out on doing what we can to live up to the goal of the podcast which is...not being your everyday podcast in the light of quality spectrum that is hahahaha. So as I mentioned on the last blog, thanks to the efforts of Toast we have already entered the realm of itunes & we'll be releasing our episode on there as well & of course soon we will have our official Website up until then we have delayed the release of the newest episode to be put up today in light of addressing more in detail the topic of the most recent episode's topic, whcih a closer if not, disective look on the reception & overall outlook on the genre known the Japanese role-playing game or JRPG as the it's most commonly reffered to through the love a nerd's accronyms.

During the hey day years of Genre during the early to mid nieties where it was still considered to be some what of a niche genre among a dedicated group within the gaming public that had it's humble beginings from the 8-bit era with titles like Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, & Dragon Warrior (now reffered to by it's true japanese name Dragon Quest), RPGs began gaining recognition for their story elements & execution as much as any review of the gameplay mechanic revolving around questing & battling, which we addressed some what within the podcast which i never really got to fully address how RPGs really brought in the concept of an elaborate story & plot transitions or twists or complete 180 degree turns that would blow your mind! points in where aged entries into the genre from the 16 & 32 bit generations have aged well in some cases only the amazing story & ambiance that compliments, though I would not go as so far as to say that the gameplay mechanic have fared badly with the passing of time but more as they are more than playable, but do not possess the privileged gamplay mechanic from what could be considered a modern RPG that most modern gamers take for granted in today's age. moving forward to the general reception that most people have on JRPGs now, more or less would really be a mater in the question of culture & difference within progression, which is why I feel that Western RPG's are slowly gaining if not, already surpassed & gained the ground that JRPG's had laid out previously within the industry, the fact that most people state that the hiant flaw of the JRPG is that there is little or no difference as far as gameplay mechanics & story that distinguish it between any other titles in the genre of direct sequesl from the said game. This is partly true & the reasoning would be that with eastern gaming compared to western gaming, the trend & generally unspoken fact that seperates there distinctive style is that the Japanese gaming public strive for a enhancements with a strong sense of familiarity left in the overall design of their RPG games, as opposed to all the different takes on what can be dont towards the story elements, or character customization or item creation or equipment statistics, these staple elements that you would find within an RPG game. Also I wanted to point out that I feel that with Western RPG's that the whole concept of choice is between arching plot pathways that move the story in a different direction generally all in corrolation with the Moral choices depending on what is considered good or bad within the game play core story & side quests while with a JRPG the story flow other then it's own intertwined story twists is for the most part, fairly Linear.

So here's are most recent episode & I appoligize about the sound quality as we will be using better equipment in the very near future once finances permit so, thanks again you guys & stay tuned for the next blog & next postponed episode.


PPR Episode 6

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